SHOWING BY 12:23PM AND 7:00PM  

                          20TH AUGUST 2021 TO 26TH AUGUST 2021


“HUSTLE’’ tells the tale of Chichi and her friend “with benefits”, Baba Gee, set out to play games on the affluent men of the society, and in a no strings attached relationship. Chichi ends up falling for her potential victim who just arrived after a few years in Cameroon. Unknown to her, this victim was an old dog in the game and willing to teach her a thing or two about it. A cunning twist awaits chichi as she digs deeper to find out more about her new victim’s past. Dramas of contemporary Africa has been described as an unpredictable kaleidoscope, thriller, and suspense, carefully built up to a climactic epic finale. As a hustler Surviving in Lagos is the name of the game.

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